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Digital Marketing Specialist

About Me

​• Digital marketing specialist with 20 years of international experience in such diverse industries as digital agencies, e-commerce, automotive, tourism, sports and NGO.

• Digital strategist developing successful digital ecosystems thorough knowledge of the operation of key areas such as B2C, digital media, creative, CRM programs, business intelligence, social media and analytics.

• Conceptualization, implementation and successful coordination of B2C projects.

• Development of more than 300 digital campaigns of branding and conversion (landing pages, AdWords, display, video, mobile, and programmatic media buying).

• Proven experience of implementing social media strategies that engage audiences since 2008.

• Implementation of Publication hub for Ford´s website Mexico and other 5 countries in Latam market. Ford United States took our workflow as a role model to be implemented in LATAM countries. 

Ford projects